Beautiful Americas 2022
Denise‘s Story: We Walk Their Land

Visions: Life through the Eyes of Sacramento Writers
Denise's Story: Dance in the Rain

ALL Holidays, Volume 2
Denise’s Story:  Golfing in Reverse.

Destination: The World, Volume Two
Denise’s Story: Colonial Longshot

All Holidays 2020: An NCPA Anthology
Denise’s Story: Around the Tinsel Pine

Destination: The World, Volume One 
Denise’s Story:  Security Checkpoint

More Birds of a Feather
Denise’s Story:  Live Like a Kid

Birds of a Feather: A Collection of Short Stores About Animals
Denise’s Story: My Name is John Paul

Inspire Kindness
Denise’s story: Charitable Compassion

Inspire Love
Denise’s Story: Sharing My Hero on Mother’s Day

Our Dance with Words
Denise’s Story: Keep Moving Forward

Golden Prose & Poetry
Denise’s Story: Princess of Purpose

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