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"Rabbit at the Sliding Door: Chloe's Story by Denise Lee Branco is a touching story that shares the emotional lessons learned when an unsuspecting woman discovers an inquisitive rabbit at her door!

Full of humour and interesting observations, author Denise Lee Branco relates her journey with Chloe the Rabbit with love, good faith, and optimism. Chloe will have readers smiling from ear to ear as they discover how Denise and Chloe found each other and built a relationship we can all be inspired by. In addition, the inclusion of facts and the history of rabbit keeping is an original way to add interest and depth to the story. What truly stands out about this book is the author's genuine feeling and tone. Branco's kindness and warmth shines through every page.

Charmingly told with love, this tale of companionship will warm your heart and have you reassessing your attitude to every animal you come across. A perfect pick-me-up for those looking to relax with a book and share in the good things life has to offer, Rabbit at the Sliding Door will make the perfect gift for any animal lover in your life!"

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Rabbit at the Sliding Door - Chloe's Story, by Denise Branco (Strolling Hills Publishing, 2022, 78 pages) A Distinguished Favorite in the 2022 NYC Big Book Award Contest.

Almost a Ten!

Rabbit at the Sliding Door is a lovely book for everyone to keep - to read to children in early grades (short chapters) yet also delivering life lessons to teens and, for adults, a sweet tear-jerker of an evening read. With a heartfelt introduction and an almost overabundance of endorsements, including from "just regular folks," it truly will make you want to adopt a homeless animal - and bunnies are right behind cats and dogs in numbers of shelter animals waiting for a forever home.

The Story

One fine day, a bunny rabbit simply appears on the other side of author Denise Branco's sliding glass door, then hops away only to return for the petunias. She travels between neighboring houses until our author barricades her in the large backyard and offers food and lodging. What can a wild animal teach a lonely human being?

A little bit apprehensive, you will read this thrilling tale faster and faster with dread but eventually slow down to a nice pace as you realize that Chloe Bunny is safe - you are ready to learn about backyard bunnies and what stresses them as well as their favorite foods, some of which are surprises.

What Price Freedom?

Is a life of ease with plenty of food and water, good shelter and enough companionship worth more or less than an adventurous yet sometimes frightening and possibly shorter life in a larger world with a variety of experiences?

Pets Enrich Our Lives, But Who Adopted Who?

Can you have a pet who is a wild animal, never coming into your house, allowing touch from only two people (but not handling)? The lesson to leave wildlife alone is one that wild animals teach us but not all of us learn. The closest they let the relationship grow may be to follow you around your yard as you work. Sometimes that is the same with people and we have to accept what we are offered, on their terms. And thank them for that.

Author Branco knows that living indoors may have prolonged Bunny Chloe's life, but left it less rewarding. A backyard sanctuary may be just as rewarding as total freedom, or close to it, without the danger from predators or cars and with a smorgasbord of edibles delivered twice a day.

What Would I Change?

Perhaps I might make the bunny photos introducing each of the 11 unnumbered chapters larger (there were a couple that almost had Chloe hidden in the background) and left-justify the table of contents but these are minor modifications. I would begin the tale with a whopper of an opening sentence, also, to fit this bunny tale.

Permanent Footprints on Your Heart

Whatever happens and for how long, an animal, even a wild one can communicate with us and leave lessons for those who are ready to learn. Rabbit is a book you will not soon forget.

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