Dog at the Tinsel Tree (Paperback)

Dog at the Tinsel Tree (Paperback)

Dog at the Tinsel Tree (Paperback)
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"Our fifteen Christmases together have special meaning to me. I see you bouncing about the house, thrilled that tree-decorating day had finally come. I see you in your green, red, and white sweater, sitting by our tinsel tree on Christmas morning, waiting for the festivities to begin. And when Christmas day was over, I see you snuggling next to me in bed, energy spent, lulling me to sleep and guarding against noctural attack-rats."

Dog at the Tinsel Tree is a nostalgic story of a dog, her girl, and their riveting adventures on a ranch in rural California. Denise and Susie's journey will have readers reminiscing about their own childhoods and the first pets that made life all the better.

$19.99 USD | 978-0-9845888-6-2

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