It's Rabbit Binky Time!

When a rabbit is very happy or excited, it will jump in the air while slightly twisting its body and head. That’s called a “binky”. I can still see Chloe jumping, twisting, and kicking her feet high in the air when she was super happy. She made me smile with glee and even chuckle at her exuberance. Her joy was contagious!

Rabbit at the Sliding Door: Chloe’s Story has won its seventh award! Judges in the 2022 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Contest presented me with awards from three categories: Second Place in Coffee Table & Gift Books and Honorable Mention in Animals/Pets & Holiday! I share my awards with you, because I want to show you that with hard work, perseverance, and faith, anything is possible.

These last few years have been hard on many of us, thanks to a global pandemic. My journey has also included moving into the caregiving season of my life. I give thanks every day that God has blessed me with parents I can still embrace. I never take that gift for granted, but elder care is both rewarding and challenging.

I asked a dear friend, award-winning author, chaplain, and fellow family caregiver, Deb Gruelle this question: How can I be going through the hardest period in my life, while at the same time, these book awards keep coming in? It’s like I’m living two lives. Right when the path is dark, the Lord brings joy and shines light onto it. Why is that?

Deb believes God sends His blessings to remind us to keep going no matter what. The Lord knows that I am caring for my loved ones, but He also doesn’t want me to forget why I’m here. He expects me to figure out a way to live my purpose in the midst of other demands. That applies to you, too, my friend. You are here for a purpose. Please stay true to the reason you were created.

On a happier note, it’s binky time! Let’s kick up our heels and celebrate the blessings of 2022 and look forward to those coming our way in 2023. Let’s live with purpose, the way God intended.

Do you vow to make time to nurture your divine gifts? Will you promise me you’ll do that, if I promise you? Okay, it’s a deal! Whatever is going on day-to-day, however long it takes, I promise to keep moving forward in faith, writing inspirational books and advocating for animals. No matter what!

“Hoppy” New Year!

Denise Lee Branco
January 1, 2023


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