Looking at Life Differently Post Concussion: Thanking God and the Angels

I've always been one to be fully present in what each day offers; someone who reminds herself often that tomorrow isn't promised. That reminder took on a whole new meaning in late April.

It's a long story but let's just say that a home's uncarpeted concrete foundation is super hard when you fall and hit it with the back of your head. I don't remember details until I was on a stretcher in an ambulance and the paramedic told my friends that he was taking me to a hospital other than mine. I corrected him, stating, "I go to Kaiser." Funny how the thought of a lack of insurance coverage is what got my brain firing again!

The paramedic politely told me, "No, we're going to the Sutter Trauma Center." All I could say with tears rolling down my face was, "Oh, okay." I feared the worst. It was the day after our family received upsetting news about my father's health—a very tough week.

The back of my head hurt for a full week, but fatigue has lasted much longer. By day four, my doctor asked me to ease off the Tylenol. He said that it'll force my brain to recover quicker. My doctor told me it would take a month before the brain fog would go away, and boy, was he right. An RN friend of mine said, "Head trauma can be very serious. It'll take you awhile to recover." Both were spot on. There are some days when it seems I tire down quicker than normal. 

Anyhow, I am thankful to God and His angels for protecting me and grateful to remain among the living. It could have been much worse—a broken neck, paralysis, brain bleed requiring surgery, or lights out for good. So many horrible-to-think-about scenarios.

In the midst of my healing, God has reminded me that I am still here for a reason. Since you last heard from me, Dog at the Tinsel Tree: Susie's Story has won four more book awards! There have been three "Finalist" and one "Honorable Mention" in the past two months. God's been working overtime in the blessings department!

Finalist - Next Generation Indie Book Awards (gift category)
Finalist - National Indie Excellence Awards (gift books and holiday categories)
Finalist - International Book Awards (animals/pets narrative nonfiction and novelty & gift book categories
Honorable Mention- Catholic Media Awards (self-published nonfiction book category)

Today is my parents' 62nd wedding anniversary and the annual Northern California Publishers and Authors Book Awards Banquet. Since my parents are a huge part of Dog at the Tinsel Tree, I've invited them to join me at the banquet. Fingers crossed that it's an award-winning night! The way I look at it, we've already won. We are all together for another year, and that is one huge blessing.

Until next time, my advice to you is to live life to the fullest as it could change in an instant. There's some invaluable advice that friends gave me in the early days after my fall, and it reminds us to not be in such a hurry: "Walk slow and stay upright." There's nothing like having friends who know that laughter is the best medicine!

Much Love,
Denise Lee Branco

June 23, 2024

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