Remember to Rest

Jan 02, 2024 by Denise Lee Branco, in Author , Cats , Inspirational

I woke up this morning, after sending yesterday's newsletter, and remembered that I had a photo of my feline office assistants basking in the spring sun by my window. It was taken in April of 2022. My, how time flies!

I suppose because cat accessories are all around me, I didn't realize how much more luxury these three enjoy than just two cat caves and fluffy towels. See that two-tiered cat condo in the photo? Well, there are actually four in the house, situated in their favorite locations. Blankets on two beds and one sofa make for other cozy options. Cat scratching posts of various textures satisfy indoor cat needs (and save the furniture from destruction.)

My mother made me pick up my toys after playtime and put them away, when I was a kid. These three, give their toys a toss, chew, and a kick, then leave them all around the house. Hmmm, where did I go wrong?

But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. I love spoiling them. They were rescued from the streets, and I feel they should now live worry-free. They deserve a life of readily available healthy food, fresh water, comfortable bedding, and entertainment. 

And all the while, they entertain and teach me. When they play and make me laugh, I am reminded that laughter heals. They've taught me how important it is to pause and observe a beautiful moment (like watching the three cats you love so much soak up the warmth of the sun through an office window.)

My cats show me that rest and play are just as important as work. So, as we head into a year of long hours and arduous labor, remember that there's nothing wrong with taking time out for a cat nap now and then.


Happy New Year!
Denise Lee Branco
January 2, 2024


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