Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
May 13, 2023 by Denise Lee Branco

Trotting by to wish every human and animal mom, or combination of the two (referring to my fellow pet parents), a special day of celebration and remembrance.

Where would we be without our mothers? I owe my love of books to my mom. Every afternoon when I was a little girl, my mom asked me to choose a book from my collection of children’s books and she’d read it to me. I wonder how many of my favorites she had to read more than once!

Christmas Miracle

Christmas Miracle
Dec 18, 2021 by Denise Lee Branco

I think the best miracles are those we hadn’t anticipated, much less imagined. It’s when we’re caught off guard, in a good way. God hands us something so mind-boggling, we can’t help but stop and marvel at His work.

I delved into genealogy research during the pandemic, curious to learn more about my roots. Though I wrote about those interesting discoveries in my upcoming memoir, I couldn’t wait to share our latest family miracle with you.

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