Christmas Miracle

I think the best miracles are those we hadn’t anticipated, much less imagined. It’s when we’re caught off guard, in a good way. God hands us something so mind-boggling, we can’t help but stop and marvel at His work.

I delved into genealogy research during the pandemic, curious to learn more about my roots. Though I wrote about those interesting discoveries in my upcoming memoir, I couldn’t wait to share our latest family miracle with you.

Through the magic of DNA and (along with a few online questions between us and information only she and my mother would know), I reconnected my mom with her first cousin who now lives in Tennessee and whom she hadn’t seen in over fifty years! And the best part of it all, the ladies were chatting by phone and excitedly reminiscing about old times within hours. The fact that our cousin lives in Tennessee, is another coincidence that reinforces my belief that God is in charge and there truly are no coincidences. (I’ll elaborate another time.)

The pandemic has been difficult, but there is newness and excitement in our lives once again. The holidays bring a sense of nostalgia, and for us this year, the past has been brought to life.

From my extended family to yours, Merry Christmas and may God send you an unexpected Christmas miracle.

Denise Lee Branco
December 18, 2021

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