He Led Me to Purpose

He Led Me to Purpose
May 31, 2021 by Denise Lee Branco

It’s been more than two decades—28 years to be exact. I can’t believe how the sun has risen and set for 10,220 days and yet, I can look at this photo and instantly feel the same joy-filled and grateful emotions that I felt in San Luis Obispo, California on the Memorial Day weekend of 1993 when I led Freedom out of that boarding stable corral. It was a day of redemption and renewal. He had been gone for twelve years but he was finally homeward bound—back to the ranch where he was born.

I didn’t know then that the blessing of having Freedom back in my life had much more meaning. It would take years of life lessons and self-discovery to realize that Freedom would instead be the one leading me to my purpose.

Blinders On!

Blinders On!
Jan 31, 2021 by Denise Lee Branco

As we bid farewell to yet another January, let’s take a minute to see if we’ve veered off and need to course-correct to reach our destiny. Are you taking steps towards a better life for you and others? Are you chasing your dreams? Are you making efforts to answer the call?

Yesterday when I got in my car to run errands, a sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen was just beginning on the radio. Some might call that luck to get in my car and drive at precisely the top of the hour when talk radio shows change, but I call it divine timing.

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