It IS Possible!

Sep 30, 2023 by Denise Lee Branco, in Dogs , Author , Books , Gift Book , Holiday

You know how I keep trying to inspire you to take that first step? To pursue your dreams no matter how impossible you think they might be to achieve?

Believe me, if you only knew how many balls I have in the air at this time in my life, you'd realize that you CAN accomplish anything, as long as you keep making even the smallest of moves forward.

I'm here to share with you two big announcements. I have a new website (click on the link below to view) and my third book Dog at the Tinsel Tree: Susie's Story is coming this Christmas. It's the story of my first pet, Susie, and our adventures on a ranch in rural California.

I'll keep you posted as to when it will be available for purchase. I created a two-minute book trailer to share the big news. Check out the video below. Until next time, keep believing!

Much Love,
Denise Lee Branco


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